Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Datacenter 64 Bit 1Pc Retail License Key

By Microsoft

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What is Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Datacenter?

  • Genuine License key and download link sent to you via email within 15 minutes.
  • Key is for use on 1 PC
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Datacentre 32/64-bit License Key It's international version of the software and you will be able to use it around the world.
  • You will be able to verify the authenticity of the key after entering in activation window or contacting issuer directly.
  • Your purchase will include: 1 license key + Install and Download instructions. Digital delivery ONLY.
  • Please notice: We do not provide any physical shipment, no disks, no Flash Drivers or other physical media available.
  • Nothing will be shipped in the mail, Only Digital delivery.
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  • Description
  • Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes.
  • Windows Server 2016 is the server operating system for the modern age. Upgrade your system with stable and essential features that Windows Server 2016 licensing delivers. With Server 2016, be cloud-ready without slowing down the way you work digitally.
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  • Security at the most basic level
  • Actively protect your system from malicious attacks. In addition, cut off new threats before they happen with powerful threat detection capabilities. Server 2012’s new security features also allow you to configure access, protect virtual machines, and secure your platform against new and emerging threats.
  • High-performance storage within budget
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012’s updated features helps you reduce wasted storage. Increase performance and create backups through your own virtualized storage pools .
  • Flexibility in mind
  • Server 2012 Datacenter’s improvements lets your IT team respond faster to your organization’s needs from virtually anywhere. Using cloud-enabled technology, your support team can react and reach out to anyone in your organization who needs digital help.
  • Azure-inspired networking
  • Run an efficient datacenter using flexible computing, storage, and networking options. Combine the strengths of automation and resilient operating systems with cloud-based improvements using Microsoft Azure datacenters.
  • Application innovation
  • Speed up deployment and streamline your IT operations and development team collaboration. Deliver applications faster, leaner, and betterthrough Windows Server 2016’s container technology and micro-services.

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Datacenter is the latest version of the popular server operating system from Microsoft. It is designed for enterprise-level organizations that require powerful computing capabilities, increased security features, and enhanced performance.


With this retail license key, you can upgrade your existing server to the latest version of Windows Server 2016 Datacenter. This license key is suitable for 1 PC and is available as a digital delivery product. It provides users with a range of advanced features that are essential for running a successful enterprise-grade server.


Here are some of the features of Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Datacenter that you can enjoy when you purchase the retail license key: